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Mocaverse To Launch New Token Moca Coin?

Mocaverse To Launch New Token Moca Coin

Today, within the Yugaverse community, speculation arose following the discovery of a new Twitter account under the name MOCA Coin, suggesting a potential governance token focused on building the largest Web3 cultural economy.

A Bored Ape Yacht Club member, Subvert, stumbled upon a verified Twitter account named MOCA Coin, hinting at the possibility of a governance token linked to Mocaverse based on its profile.

Subvert’s tweet read, “Is this $MOCA alpha? Came across this cool-looking website that links to the @MOCAFoundation Twitter account, which has a gold checkmark + protected & has 1 post. We knew it was inevitable but is a @MocaverseNFT token coming soon?”

The MOCAFoundation’s Twitter bio describes $Moca as a token spanning multiple chains, aiming to reimagine the Web3 cultural economy through cultural unity, governance, and growth.

On January 3rd, 2024, the Moca Coin account posted a tweet saying, “One coin to unite all cultures $Moca.”

Yat Siu, Chairman of Animoca Brands also tweeted with a tears of joy emoji, when asked about account. In subsequent inquiries regarding Siu’s emoji response, he humorously replied, “Haha, I’m afraid that is all I can say” (accompanied by another tears of joy emoji).

This exchange suggests a possible affiliation between the account and Yat Siu, Animoca Brands, or Mocaverse.

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