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Meta Pilots AI Tools for Indian Creators in Global Test

Meta Pilots AI Tools for Indian Creators in Global Test

According to a report, Meta, the tech giant behind Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp, is experimenting with innovative AI tools for content creators in India. These tools are part of a broader global test launched in October. 

The products are currently being accessed by a limited group of Indian creators. Sandhya Devanathan, Meta India’s head, describes it as a “large pilot,” hinting at the extensive scope of the testing phase. This suggests Meta’s serious interest in exploring the potential of AI for Indian creators.

Meta’s AI offerings also include a product called Advantage Plus that can be used by advertisers to improve their returns by up to around 25%. With a generative AI sandbox, Meta is working with “businesses to help them generate visuals, captions and headings, or even build videos. We’ve released it as a large pilot, including to advertisers in India, and this is important to help small businesses scale making videos,” said Devanathan. 

AI-driven product offerings are going to be a main part of Meta’s growth plan in India. This includes the four-fold approaches listed below:

  • scaling business products for small businesses
  • optimizing return on investments for large enterprises
  • boosting creator-brand partnerships through short videos
  • expanding monetization of business messaging products

The rise of AI in Indian advertising is shadowed by growing concerns about deepfakes. Meta, a frontrunner in this realm, faced backlash over misleading AI-altered content on its platforms. 

However, during a government meeting on November 8th, Meta unveiled a new policy that forces creators to disclose the use of AI in any “digitally manipulated” content. This initiative demonstrates efforts to tackle deepfake concerns, but its effectiveness remains to be seen.



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