Hacker Offers Binance’s Law Enforcement Panel Access for $10K

Hacker Offers Binance's Law Enforcement Panel Access for $10K

A cybercriminal named ‘Miembro’ is selling unauthorized access to a sensitive tool used by Binance for processing law enforcement requests. This “backdoor” to user data allegedly stems from compromised credentials of police officers in Taiwan, Uganda, and the Philippines, and is being peddled for $10,000 in Bitcoin or Monero.

Binance relies on a third-party service called Kodex to verify and fulfill law enforcement data requests. The hacker claims to offer access to this very system, potentially granting them insights into Binance users’ accounts and transactions.

The post said that interested person can “message me onsite to receive my Tox or Telegram. (When contacting me be straight to the point, nothing saying hi or hey).”

In a report by InfoStealers, hackers compromised the computers of three law enforcement officers across Taiwan, Uganda, and the Philippines. This 2023 cyberattack yielded stolen browser credentials, granting the criminals unauthorized access to the login panel of cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

This incident raises concerns about cybersecurity practices at both Kodex and potentially within law enforcement agencies. Binance has yet to comment on the situation.



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