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Ethereum Developers Plan ‘Dencun’ Testing In January

Ethereum Developers Plan 'Dencun' Testing In January

It seems like Ethereum developers are ramping up their testing procedures for the highly anticipated Dencun upgrade slated for the coming year. This upgrade is expected to introduce “proto-danksharding,” a new process that expands data storage capacity on the network.

During a recent biweekly call, developers discussed targeting Jan. 17 for the Goerli test network to undergo the Dencun upgrade. This upgrade aims to implement “proto-danksharding,” reducing fees for layer 2 rollups and enhancing blockchain scalability by creating more space for data “blobs.”

Tim Beiko, protocol support lead at the Ethereum Foundation, mentioned on the call that if any major issues arise, they reserve the option to cancel the upgrade. Ideally, they plan to release a blog post about the fork during the week of January 8th, allowing users at least a week to update.

Originally slated for the last quarter of 2023, the Dencun upgrade was delayed to 2024 due to the intricate engineering involved.

Additionally, developers outlined a tentative timeline for Dencun’s testing upgrade, aiming for tests on other networks like Sepolia on Jan. 31 and Holesky on Feb. 7, with the intention to deploy changes on the mainnet around the end of February. However, they cautioned that these dates might change based on the testnet fork outcomes.

Dencun represents the first significant upgrade since Shapella earlier this year, which facilitated staked ETH withdrawals from the blockchain.

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