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Cardano Foundation, Petrobras Partner for Blockchain Education

Select Cardano Foundation, Petrobras Partner for Blockchain Education Cardano Foundation, Petrobras Partner for Blockchain Education

The Cardano Foundation has teamed up with Petrobras, Brazil’s state-owned oil company, to facilitate blockchain education and explore technology applications within the energy sector.

In an announcement on Dec. 20, it was revealed that the foundation would spearhead blockchain education sessions for Petrobras’ extensive workforce of 45,000 employees. These sessions will leverage Cardano Academy’s content, available through Petrobras University. Established in 1953, Petrobras stands as Brazil and South America’s largest corporation, boasting revenues of $124.7 billion in 2022.

The educational initiative will encompass a wide range of blockchain applications and use cases, along with interactive quizzes. To inaugurate the program, the Cardano Foundation hosted two workshops in the Metaverse, focusing on blockchain regulations in Brazil and across the globe.

Participants who complete the blockchain training will receive a certificate, while the first 500 attendees will receive unique nonfungible tokens (NFTs) created in collaboration with the Petrobras Education Board. These NFTs will dynamically evolve to represent each participant’s progress and accomplishments during the training, serving as a digital record of their achievements.

The Cardano Foundation remains committed to supporting and advancing the Cardano blockchain ecosystem, playing a crucial role in its development and adoption.

This partnership aligns with one of Cardano’s primary objectives outlined in 2021—a five-year plan aimed at strengthening ties with Fortune 500 companies. The strategy aims to enhance diversity in on-chain activities and extend blockchain applications to a broader spectrum of industries.

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