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Indian Police Uses AI to Solve Murder Case

Indian Police Uses AI to Solve Murder Case

In the capital of India, Delhi, murder case, the police successfully used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to solve the mystery. According to reports, The use of AI not only helped in identifying the victim but also led to the apprehension of the main accused involved in the murder.

The incident occurred on January 10 when the body of a young man was found under the Geeta Colony flyover in east Delhi. A post-mortem determined that the cause of death was strangulation, and the absence of any identification around the body posed a challenge for the investigators.

To tackle this hurdle, the Delhi Police turned to advanced technology to unravel the case. The victim’s face was in a condition that made traditional identification methods difficult. Relying on AI, the police reconstructed the victim’s face digitally, bringing him back to life in the digital realm.

Approximately 500 posters featuring the reconstructed face were created and strategically placed in various locations across the national capital. Digital versions of the posters were also circulated through WhatsApp groups. The background of the image of the victim’s body was digitally altered to resemble the River Yamuna.

The breakthrough in the case occurred when a man saw one of the posters displayed outside a police station and contacted the police, identifying the person in the posters as his elder brother Hitendra.

Further investigation revealed that Hitendra had been involved in a dispute with three individuals, leading to a fatal altercation. The three men had strangled Hitendra to death and sought the assistance of a woman to conceal the evidence.

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