Editorial Policy

Vox Buzz Daily is dedicated to providing high-caliber content on the cryptocurrency industry, Blockchain, AI, and other technological advancements written by authors with insightful perspectives on pertinent topics. We are committed to earning the trust of our readers and upholding the highest standards of journalistic integrity.


One of the cornerstones of our content is giving proper attribution and credit. Our authors meticulously source all images and quotes, ensuring that proper credit is given to the original creators or owners. We firmly believe in acknowledging those who deserve it and adhere to strict ethical guidelines when attributing and crediting assets used in our content.


Vox Buzz Daily recognizes the importance of reliable sourcing and therefore bases its articles on facts verified by established experts. To further uphold the principles of attribution, Vox Buzz Daily ensures that all news pieces are properly cited to their original sources.


In order to maintain its credibility as a trusted source of information in the tech industry, Vox Buzz Daily strives to deliver news with absolute objectivity. Editors meticulously scrutinize the facts presented in each article, guaranteeing their accuracy, impartiality, and reliability.


Acknowledging that mistakes can occur despite its commitment to accuracy, Vox Buzz Daily maintains a high level of flexibility in its policies. When errors are identified, the team promptly addresses them with appropriate corrections or clarifications. This includes addressing significant factual inaccuracies, misleading information, and other substantial issues.


Views and opinions expressed in editorial pieces and comments represent the individual perspectives of the authors and do not necessarily reflect Vox Buzz Daily’s official stance.


Embracing the principles of transparency and genuine reporting, Vox Buzz Daily explicitly identifies and labels all content that has been paid for as advertising. This sets a clear distinction between sponsored content and their core news sections, editorials, and guides.

Upholding ethical standards, Vox Buzz Daily refuses to engage with projects that make unrealistic promises of guaranteed returns, employ deceptive language to mislead investors or involve teams associated with dubious individuals.