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DomoAI – The 5-Minute Anime Makeover: Turn ANY Video into an Instant Masterpiece FREE

Video to Anime in Seconds - The DomoAI Revolution Revealed

Ever dreamt of stepping into your favorite anime scene? Or breathing life into grainy family videos with vibrant anime flair? Well, hold onto your cosplay wigs, because DomoAI has arrived! This revolutionary AI tool is making waves by effortlessly transforming videos into stunning anime masterpieces. Buckle up as we dive into the world of DomoAI: what it is, why it’s awesome, and how you can become an anime auteur yourself!

What is DomoAI?

Imagine a magic wand that sprinkles anime magic on your videos. That’s DomoAI in a nutshell. It’s an AI-powered platform that uses cutting-edge machine learning to analyze your videos/images and apply captivating anime styles. No need for animation expertise or complex software – just upload your video, choose your style, and voila! Anime magic unfolds before your eyes. 

DomoAI’s friendly server welcomes everyone, from seasoned professionals seeking powerful tools to casual creators searching for a splash of creative fun. Here, you’ll find the perfect playground for crafting stunning artwork, designing captivating elements, generating hilarious memes, and even creating your own unique avatars. No matter what sparks your imagination, DomoAI has you covered.

Why Choose DomoAI?

DomoAI is your ultimate resource for leveraging the power of top-notch AI models. The goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that combines multiple models, including Stable Diffusion, to deliver outstanding results. Whether you’re an artist, designer, or simply looking to have fun with AI, DomoAI is your go-to toolkit for amazing outcomes. Explore the limitless possibilities with DomoAI and unlock the true potential of AI!

Features of DomoAI:

  1. Words to Pictures: Explore over 10 specialized models for creating stunning Anime and Realism artwork.
  2. Video to Video: Transform your videos into Anime, Pixel Art, and more for unique visual experiences.
  3. Image-to-Video Generation: Generate captivating short animations from your pictures.
  4. Img2img: Convert pictures into Anime, bring Anime to life, create Avatars, and turn sketches into vibrant images.

Benefits of using DomoAI:

  • Content Creation Goldmine: Stand out from the crowd on social media or YouTube with eye-catching anime-infused content. Breathe new life into old videos, or create engaging tutorials and explainer videos that captivate your audience.
  • Personal Touch, Global Appeal: Share your unique story or vision through the language of anime. Connect with a global audience who speaks the language of vibrant characters and expressive storytelling.
  • Relive Memories, Reimagine the Future: Dust off those family videos and give them an anime makeover. Imagine yourself and your loved ones as anime heroes, reliving special moments with a touch of fantastical fun.

How to use DomoAI?

Step into the Portal Here: Head to the “Start in Discord” and join their discord server with your discord profile. 

DomoAI Homepage

How to turn video into other styles?

  1. Go to ⁠⛲┆generate-video “Click Here” DomoAI Video Generation Page
  2. Type /video and select /video command
  3. Upload a video and enter your prompt
  4. Choose a style and reference to your video, either your original one or your prompt.DomoAI Video Styles List
  5. For the duration, if the original video’s duration is insufficient, selecting a longer option is not available. DomoAI Video Styles Reference
  6. Click “Start” and wait for the magic!
  7. When it is done, you could either “Re-generate” it or “Delete” it

How to turn images into videos?

  1. Go to any of the generate channels “Click Here” DomoAI-Generate-Channels-SS
  2. Type `/animate`, and select the command.
  3. Upload your image. No need for text! Just hit send/enter.
  4. However, to get the best results, you could also enter the prompt to describe the image you’ve attached (both subject and background) and specify the movement you envision.
  5. Buttons: ⏪`Low intensity`: the movement might be calm, passive, or slow-paced. ⏩`High intensity`: the movement could be of moderate excitement or activity.

Tips of prompts

🆗   Working Example: Upload an image of a girl.

Prompt: `/animate : A girl, dancing, blinking eyes.`

🚫  Not Working Example: Generic phrases will not work. Avoid Prompts Like:

Prompt:`/animate : Animate this image, Natural Movement, Make it move

How to generate your first image?

1. Go to any of the generate channels “Click Here” DomoAI-Generate-Channels-SS

2. Type in `/gen`, and select the /gen command

3.Enter your prompt. (If you don’t know what to write in prompt checkout, check out How to Write Appropriate Prompts.)

4. Wait about 20s to generate. 

5. You can either click **U buttons **to upscale or **V buttons** to vary the chosen one.

How to generate image to image?

  1. type”/gen” to start
  2. Input your prompt and click “more”
  3. Choose “img2img” in pop-up panel
  4. Upload a base image (if you don’t choose the aspect ratio of the image, the ration of the generated image will be based on the uploaded image) DomoAI Image to Image Generator
  5. Start generating!

Basic Commands to Use For

  • /real: Turn Anime into real photo.
  • /gen: Turn words into art.
  • /video: Turn video into different styles.
  • /animate: Turn images into videos
  • /help: View how-to-use-domo
  • /info: View information about your profile and account.
  • /subscribe: Subscribe to our bot
  • /channel_setting: Choose whether to allow DomoAI in specific channels and control the visibility of NSFW content. If you click “Disable NSFW”, the contents will be blurred(Server Moderator Only)

As the creator, you maintain full ownership of the copyright to your work. Feel free to utilize your creations in your artistry or for commercial purposes. Explore the potential of your intellectual property and enjoy the benefits it can bring.


DomoAI isn’t just a tool; it’s a portal to a world of boundless creativity. Whether you’re a seasoned video editor or a wide-eyed anime enthusiast, DomoAI empowers you to tell your story in a visually stunning and emotionally resonant way. So, step into the anime realm, let your imagination take flight, and become the director of your own animated dreamscape!

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